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Welcome to the Peoria Public School District online application process! Any individual needing assistance in the application or interview process for any opening should contact the District Human Resources Office at (309) 672-6770.

Please note - current employees will still need to setup your own username & password SEPARATE from your current district email/password. This FastTrack applicant system is for anyone to apply, separate from any current employment. If you don't remember your FastTrack username/password, HR can assist you with changing your personal email address assigned to FastTrack and then sending you a password reset email to your personal email address. (It may be easiest for you to use your personal email address as your FastTrack username.)

To create a new FastTrack applicant login, you must first search the list of job openings, find a position, and then click on Apply for Selected Position(s). A window will popup and let you login to FastTrack using your existing FastTrack username/password, or create a new username/password for your FastTrack profile. Please remember that your FastTrack information should be your personal information (your personal email address). If you do not have a personal email address, you can sign up for a free email account at or

Don't forget to actually "Submit to HR" after you complete all sections! You will receive an email when you submit your application - if you do not get that email, please log back into FastTrack and under the 'Status' column for your open applications, you may see 'Not Submitted'. If you see 'Not Submitted', click on the "Submit to HR" button to finish your submission.

If you have any difficulties starting the application process, you can always call the Human Resources department at 309-672-6770 for assistance, they will be happy to help you!

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